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Power of HubSpot COS Platform

HubSpot COS is the platform that integrates the site page, the landing page, the blog, and the e-mail templates. It is incredibly powerful, and also quite unique, it is a unique visual interface to build all of the above. There is no other solution for the four above services. There's a lot to tell when it comes to all the features that surround the platform, but for my sake, I'll highlight some technical aspects.

Flexibility of Template Generator & HTML

With the drag & drop template generator, you can quickly and easily create the grid structure of the main column of your page. You can also go beyond the HubSpot Visual Editor, work directly on the model code, and create any custom structure that you prefer without restrictions. In the old HubSpot CMS, you were limited by the specific design layout you used, and it was difficult to give the styles of HubSpot CMS unique styles. In the new COS, it's much easier with the addition of Visual Editor and the ability to easily create your own stylesheets.

Once you have finished your designs, you can go to the end-to-end editor easy to use where you can fill your content, media, or raw code to fit the modules of your template. This is incredibly powerful and allows a novice web user to manage within a company quickly and easily live pages.

Responsive core design

In a day and age, when internet devices vary widely on the screensize, it is increasingly important to ensure that your site is built with that in mind. Because the COS Visual Model Generator creates the reactive Twitter bootstrap framework behind the scenes, each model you design is intrinsically tailored and ready for all devices. It is important to remember that it is not a magic key that creates a website that is entirely suitable for you but there is a fantastic start in the basic structure to create a reactive grid framework. This is especially important for a small marketing team that could not have a full-time person at the top who could build this for them.

Jinja templating rocks

In addition to impressive functionality, COS also gives you the opportunity to follow the [Jinja] to create dynamic and rich sites. At a very low level, Jinja is a Template System for the programming language Python. Some examples of it available on the site.

Global content and groups

The concept of content and global groups is very simple; you can easily create a single module or a group of modules that can be reused on any number of models. If you need to change the contents of a global group or a global module, simply change it in one place, and that change will be cascaded in your site. This is very useful for headers, footers, sidebars, text blocks next to a form or even social media icons. On this site, I do not have much for simplicity but using these global options on a great site like is nothing less than a gift from God.

The power of personalization

The above features are quite impressive, but it's not all you need on a next-generation platform in which to build your content. A reactive and dynamic site is great but today and age, the power of sites like [Amazon] are in personalization. What if you can match your content to your website, blog or email in order to correspond with you in connection with each cycle of the visitor's life cycle? The HubSpot COS Designer provides the powerful bridge between all these media with its database of contacts with what we call "Smart Content".

Because the COS is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the HubSpot platform, you can use SmartContent effectively to leverage your contact base intelligence to ensure that your site contains content that is useful and relevant to each potential of your customers, etc. provide different Content for new visitors or site visitors or target different types of customers with content according to their peculiarities. A good example of smart content on a website would be to ensure that your current customers do not show calls to action to get a free trial. If they already use your service/product, why do they need a test?

It's a real game-changer, from content creators to designers who open up a new way of thinking about attracting your audience to all your content platforms. There is no doubt that this will create an extra layer of work to create this tailor-made avenue, but this will certainly increase visitor traffic, increase reading readings and reduce bounce/exit rates.


One thing that really excited is the power of infrastructure that manages the COS. For all the tests we see on our website and, the load times of the site were very impressive. The HubSpot product is supported by a massive data infrastructure that is fully integrated with the Akamai CDN, and each COS site is easy to reduce traffic on a global scale and protect against DDOS attacks.

In a recent Yottaa test, the HubSpot COS first ranked at speed compared to websites built in WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Because the page loading speed is part of Google's search algorithm, COS's faster page loads will make your company's online presence even more valuable than you've probably guessed.

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